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So we talked about quality last week, in the eyes of the user, the relative, the regulator and the provider.

There are some basic objectives that must be achieved, such as:-

  • Recruit the right people

  • Train them properly, and continue to train them

  • Supervise and support them

  • Meet the client’s needs in terms of their support

  • Regularly seek feedback from the client and his or her key contacts

  • Invest in slick systems that can both capture all the information needed and give management early warning of potential problems

  • Develop robust business continuity procedures

  • Have decent audit measures to control and report concerns to the authorities

But in some senses, this isn’t enough. It is too rigid.

Great home care depends so much on the individual delivering it.

Does she develop a strong, caring but professional relationship with the client?

Can she be flexible enough to meet all the client’s wishes, but stay within professional boundaries?

So much of this is difficult if not impossible to train, and just as difficult for regulators to measure, as we’ll discuss next week.

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