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Something we perhaps already knew.

Skills for Care’s annual report has been published today: vacancy rates in adult social care have increased by 52% from last year to an average of 165,000 vacant posts on any given day. There has been a fall in the number of filled posts, despite an increase in demand, meaning that for the first time, the adult social care workforce has shrunk.

So let’s look again at some reasons social care staff might be leaving.

  1. The pay rates are too low. We all know that. But local authorities need to increase the price they pay us. And in order to do that they need a more generous settlement from central government.

  2. The conditions are not good enough. One local authority reminded us this week that when a client goes into hospital, we are meant to hold the package open for four weeks. At no cost to the local authority. So the support assistant loses that pay for four weeks.


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