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So the government has back-tracked on its insistence that all NHS and social care staff be vaccinated by 1st April.

What has driven this U-turn?

The government would have you believe that it has changed its mind about the dangers of Covid.

The Omicron variant, whilst very infectious, has shown itself to be less likely to create serious health problems.

I am more sceptical about the government’s true rationale.

We know that there were 70,000 NHS staff who have refused to have the vaccine.

Whilst only 5% OF NHS staff (my goodness they are big!), the knock-on effects of losing these staff would have been devastating on the NHS.

Yet, if this is the real reason, why did the government force care homes to adopt this policy from 11 November 2021?

Care homes lost 50,000 staff as a result. This led to significant staffing issues up to and over the Christmas period.

If the difference lies in the strength of the respective unions involved, then this is appalling.

Care homes should sue.

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