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Ministers urgently need to provide more money for adult social care in England which has been "ravaged" by the Covid pandemic, a committee of MPs has said.

The Levelling up Committee (not quite sure what social care has to do with Levelling Up) published a report in August which makes for interesting reading.

Some highlights from it:-

The government has increased National Insurance contributions to tackle NHS backlogs and fund social care. However, the committee highlighted concerns the cash for social care "wouldn't touch the sides".

Since April, workers and employers have been paying an extra 1.25p in the pound for National Insurance.

Under current plans, National Insurance will return to its old rate from April 2023 at which point the extra money will be collected as a new Health and Social Care Levy.

The Committee has warned that, even with the levy, there will still be a "large funding gap in adult social care sector which needs filling."

The industry has been put under pressure, not only by coronavirus, but also rising demand, difficulties with staff recruitment, growing inflation and increases in the National Minimum Wage.

This is encouraging. After much badgering, Parliament is beginning to take the issue of funding social care seriously.

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