We can help you up in the morning, assist you in the shower or bath and to be on hand to assist you in getting dressed for the day.

We can help prepare meals of your own choice, and to ensure you enjoy a well balanced diet, we'll also encourage healthy options to help you stay in shape.

We can make sure you're taking the right medication and request new prescriptions from the pharmacy so that they can be delivered on time. 

We can assist you with pre or post operative care, as well as accompany you to appointments.

We can either prepare breakfast for you, or assist you to make your favourite breakfast, along with a lovely drink to start your day.

We can help you with laundry or ironing, light household tasks to help keep your house clean and tidy, or help to organise your clothes.


People have different needs, which is why we offer a flexible service to suit your exact requirements.


30 minutes

Usually a breakfast, lunchtime and/or early evening visit for food preparation – including medication and/or toileting. Also bed calls at night to assist with getting ready for, and into, bed.


45 minutes

Usually a morning call for personal care activities, medication, food preparation, washing up and tidying.


60 minutes

Customers with more complex needs can have visits tailored to their exact requirements, from extended morning attendance to sleep-in and waking-night support.


90 minutes or longer

For customers with greater needs, these visits can be at either end of the day, or both and will include personal care and some practical duties. In some cases, more than one support assistant will be allocated depending on the level of care provision. 

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